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Dinner at the Dubliner in Whistler Village

John & Cathy taking a lunch break at the lodge

This is atop Whistler - Olympic symbol for the games which means...

Blackcomb glacier we skiied down....once.

See? Didn't read about avalanches until AFTER we skiied it.

Peak to Peak connects the two mountains. Can you see how far...

Cathy and I at the Sliding Center

Cathy decided to join the Canadian fans

Luge track map

German Luge team with the media

This is the World Luge Cup - the world on a cup!...

The long and short ski jumps at the Olympic Village

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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LUGE World Cup Competition

(MP4 - 5.06 MB)

Panorama of the top of Blackcomb. Simply stunning!

(MP4 - 476 K)

Mike's Fly by....

Wow, we loved it. Just spent the week skiing with our friends in Whistler, B.C. Over the last 25 years we have only skied California slopes. The Whistler-Blackcomb mountain will be the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. There was record low snow according to the locals, but for us California skiers, it was a real treat. We skied glaciers, used T-bars (weird T type contraption that pulls your butt up the hill) ate Sockeye Salmon for lunch at an awesome hilltop log cabin and posed with the stone man which is the Olympic logo (forget what he’s called) on the backside of Blackcomb and rode the new 52 million dollar Peak to Peak gondola. It is 1400 ft. above ground and has almost 2 miles of cable between post supports above the valley and between the two mountains and lasts 11 minutes. The Peak to Peak gondola will surely be shown often on upcoming Olympic coverage. Another thrill was Friday night at the Luge track. We bought tickets to see the World Cup finals for the men’s doubles luge. We were amazed at how big, long and fast they run. Best part, world class luge for $5.00 CAD. These are the same guys that will be in the Olympics next year. We walked the whole track to see the start, finish and points between. Another great part of the trip…we didn’t have our ski’s on Blue Aweigh. This meant we had to try new shaped ski’s instead of our 20 yr old straight skis. What a difference a couple decades of technology make. For the first time, we were actually able to ski 4 days straight without excessive muscle fatigue. Parabolic/shaped skis definitely made us better skiers. As for Mike, he’s even faster (which is not a good thing). Funny thing happened. On our last day, and what we discussed as our probable last run, Mike flew past me so fast his lift tag flew off the zip tie on his pants which meant he lost his lift and therefore was decidedly done. I think it was a message from above that he needed to stop. Just before departure we took a trip to the Olympic village where the long ski jumps, cross country skiing and the biathalon will take place. We would like to try cross country skiing. I have downloaded lots of pictures and videos, please check them out..

We have returned to the boat and our friends left us today and will be returning back to So. Cal. It was a real treat to spend time with them in Everett, La Conner and Whistler.

Looks like we will have wind and rain in La Conner this week thus we will take a rest and move north very soon. We had such fun that we may just try to fit in another few ski days this season as Whistler continues to beckon since the moment we left. Yahoo!

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