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It was a really quiet week at work last week. Noone can really understand quite why. We wasn't even getting the consultations through the door which was very strange. It was like a ghost clinic. Thursday and Friday I was put into theatre as they was a little short staffed. I loved it! Its so amazing watching how things are done in a specialist practice compared to general practice. The nurses induce the patient and do all the things like the x-ray pre op, clipping and prep then move into theatre. The intern vet will then drape the patient and lay out all the equipment. It is only then the surgeon comes and touches the patient. After the surgery the vets leaves the nurses and the intern to sort the rest. I am certainly gaining good experience here. Just wish I have't spent so long in Cairns, but these things happen.

Friday night - I went round on of the nurses houses for the weekend and we had a girlie couples of nights, with some old films. It was a laugh just the two of us. On Saturday we went to Australia Zoo which was fantastic. It mostly had croodiles but there was some other bits as well. I was strange as they are trying to keep steve alive through the zoo. I know that he founded it but it doesn't mean you need to play old videos on the screens like he's still there presenting the shows. The crocseum show was pretty cool. They showed all the croc teasing like steve irwin did in the crocodile hunter diaries. Braver man than most. I certainly wouldn't do it thats for sure. That really is suicide! I just need to sort out some work in Sydney this week so I can work down there. I am looking forward to heading down there now. Need other things to look at.

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