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Sat 2/21

Fishermen are showing up to practice for the first big bass tournament here, that will be held next weekend. There were at least 25 boats launched out of this campground by the time we got up – trucks/trailers parked all over the place.

Went to town to price tires for the car, since ours are getting pretty smooth. Got a quote at Walmart, and then went to Firestone and saved $135 !!! They had a “buy three, get one free” sale so we jumped on that. Plus they didn’t charge for balancing and valves, and gave us a total vehicle inspection free! All the car needed was more water for the windshield wipers… Great deal, and we shopped “local”.

Sun 2/22

Had to take Weebles out and “run” him this morning as he was constipated! Worked well, but then I had to give his back half a bath… He’ll be going to the groomers on Tuesday, and will be a handsome boy again.

We'll probably leave here either next Friday or the following Monday and head further south to Falcon Dam Reservoir.

I put some pictures on here of sunset and birds in trees also.

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