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The stadium in Tauranga

One of the finalists

This cute little baby kept poking it's Maori weapon of death at...

A tribe mid-haka!

It was all pretty intimidating!!

And a bit friendly!! Who's your mate Em?!?!?

The women of the tribe and their pom-poms! (They're not called pom-poms...

Even the women looked like they'd tear your face off! Especially the...

Getting all padded up for the Luge. Not sure you've got that...

Yep that's better!!!

Em the Groovy Gang mascott, sitting at the top of the luge...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! They actually picked up a bit of pace when they got...

The special couple in their special hats. That's what 4 years together...

These are our normal faces.......which don't look amazingly different from the ones...

Em 'zooming' past me again!

Em bought a 4ft beer to go with her cuzza!!

Popadom face Sheen!

And piff paff poof, our dinner magically appeared!!

Today we are heading back to the place we was going to stay in but didn't due to the Billy Connelly fiasco (which is called Tauranga) to try and get tickets (as they had also sold out!) for the Te Matatini National Kapa Haka Festival which takes place every 2 years and 30 tribes battle it out over 4 days for first place.

Luckily we got tickets and we are really glad we did! And we there on the final day so we really did get to see the best of the best!

First thing was first, food! we was hoping for some authentic food (not that we really know what that would be!) but there wasn't any... so we settled for bacon and egg baps, you gotta love them Maori's! :)

Next we headed over to the stage to see what it was all about, straight away we saw a Haka being performed and it is very intimidating at first!

They basically do a few songs and a haka and it is amazing!

We decided to grab our chairs from the van and get a spot to watch a few more tribes and after 4 hours in the sun we were pretty hakared........ehem!

We then drove up the road to a town (which we can't remember the name of!) to have a look in a little artsy fartsy fair thing which wasn't all that! It was just lots of old women knitting slippers in a massive barn!

Anyway after this we drove back to Rotorua and on the way back passed the lugeing track and decided to go investigate.

Basically Lugeing is a kind of go kart type of thing that you steer down a hill! so we signed up and got the cable car up (which I dealt with really well after the Hong Kong palava!) and then after a bit of a helmet head moment I/we were on our way!

It was sooooooooooo much fun! And rather luckily we had brought 3 rides so we got to go down all 3 tracks, although we think we went down one of them twice..but anyway it was brilliant!

In the evening we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out as it is we have been together 4 years today! Sorry 4 WONDERFUL years today!!! In the end we decided on a curry and it was delish!

It has been a great day and we finally feel like we have done something after our last few attempts at doing stuff has failed due to weather (especially the Haka festival!)


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