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The bbq!




Isaac's Ofie Spot


Kente weaving

Dinner with other vols

Modelling the latest fashions from the north



Nap time




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Bat migration

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Ofie Spot

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Kente weaving - look at the speed!

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Sir Richard in action

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Teacher Alexis practising the letter 'p'

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We challenge you not to at least smile at this one!

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Ooooops - blooper

Well it is hard to believe but we have reached the final few days of our Ghana adventure. We have had some excellent times and are going to be sad to leave it all behind. We have put together some final photos and videos that we haven’t already published, such as…

We recently visited some fellow volunteers in Koforidua who had just bought a magnificent barbeque fashioned from half an oil drum. They put on a wonderful spread and we ate things we haven’t had for a very long time like pasta, salad, burgers and sausages – heaven! Our first ever January barbeque.

Every few weeks, there is a huge migration of bats from Accra to Kumasi. Quite spectacular as the entire sky fills with bats for a good hour – see the video for a glimpse of some of them.

We have a local ‘spot’ (drinking place) owned by our friend Isaac called Ofie Spot. It is a regular haunt for all the residents in our flat, as well as the many volunteer visitors we have passing through. It’s a tiny place but it does serve excellent beer!

Kente weaving is one of the main crafts in Ghana and is a fascinating process to watch. Kente is intricately woven and very colourful and is a very skillful art. We have not speeded up the video of the man making it!

We’ve had a wonderful experience, both in work and in our day to day life, and we are so glad we were able to have the chance to experience this. We would thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering doing something different.

On Sunday we leave to go on our travels around Southern Africa, starting in Namibia. We are looking forward to this very much and will keep you posted on how we get on in the next installment.

Farewell from Ghana!

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