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Hello again everyone,

So it is 8am and I came to the internet cafe early to get some research done as the computers are much quicker in the morning. Jerome took a motorbike with another school teacher to see some of the schools. Thank you everyone for the sites, they are all really helpful and it is some what coming together.

Yesterday we visited life water international (their primary sponsor is from Canada). We have noticed that there are not many canadian organizations here. Mostly american, german, etc. Anyway, PAC does not have access to water or a toilet for the kids when they come and play. Currently what they do is pay approx 10 cents/gallon of water from one of the local pumps. Of course there are probably 60-100 kids that come play soccer/kickball/volleyball/basketball everyday and it is difficult to meet the water need. Therefore how life water works is they assess the site, which they did yesterday and then they charge PAC a sum of money to drill the well and then their NGO will cover the rest!! They will only cover the rest of the cost if it is accessible to the community. Therefore we think what we will do is make the water free for the kids that come to play and charge a very small fee for the community members who come to use it so that the fees will cover maintenance and the well will be self sustaining. As for the toilet, PAC feels they will have a lot of community business for the toilet as there is NO toilets in the area AT ALL! So again it would be free for the kids and a small fee for the community members. This is still the very first step in this project and we are following up today but I think it will be possible!

We are adjusting to the heat, its amazing how your body adapts. We are starting to get used to the little visitors that we get in our room (tiny little mice- we have named them Horton, just like your bird lauren lol.)

The food is actually quite good, lots of rice and beans, and stews, SPICY stews, its amazing how flavourful they can make them with minimal ingredients.

I wish I could write to you all but wanted to say...

congrats Dan and Kim on your 1/2 marathon!! The people here think you are crazy for running in -15 degree weather.

It was great to talk to Mom,Dad,Kendra and Maureen and Serge...thx for the support!!

Glad you made it home safe Jenny!

Thx for the little bit of light heartedness joanna..needed that!

Thanks for the updates Karin!

Hope everything is good Cheyenne : )

How was your trip Nic and Amy?

oh I could go on and on.... but must go

Take care....I need to go buy some TP for our house....10 cents for a roll, and the 4 of us ate last night for a total of 1.60 US dollars

Lots of love


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