Rochelle's South American Adventure 2004! travel blog

From Arequipa, Mollendo is a 1.5 hour bus ride towards the coast. Mike hardlt enjoyed the ride through the desert, espaecially during the hottest part of the day, but it went by rather quickly, so no big deal! We were a little disappointed when we first got there, because it took us a while to find a place to crash, due to the influx of Arequipeños for the weekend, but our taxi driver was great and drove around forever looking for a placet o say. We finally found a really nice hotel, but it was pretty expenive. Fortunately, the woman gave us a deal for the second night and when we found out that we couldnt get a bus straight to Tacna, her son gave us a fabulous deal for the following night-it was awesome, and they were really cool people. To tell you the truth, we didnt do much in Mollendo except eat popcorn and drink beer, it was great! the secong night we went out, we made our way to a concert on the beach, where the female singer (must have been really popular, because the people loved her) was surrounded by girls wiht extremely short skirts dancing their little hearts out-Mike loved it and I ripped into them!

Also, the main reason that I wanted to go to Mollendo, besides the fact that it was on the coast, was because of a bird sanctuary just south there in a town called Mejia. Oh yes, Ive seen birds before, but I was hoping to see wild flamingos! So, Mike and I hopped a collectivo to Mejia and took another one just outside of town, where it dropped us on the side of the highway near a marsh, in the middle of no where...just a sign that said Lagoon or something! We could hear the ocean and assumed that we needed to walk towards it, so Mike led the way and we started treking through the reeds and water-not cool! After getting no where we decided to turn back, mostly because we were a little worried about snakes and such, but our path slowly came to an end! We almost called it quits, but then decided to walk back towards Mejia, finally running into the actual station that we were supposed to be dropped off at in the first place! Long story short, thay made us pay something like $2US to enter the "park" and we had to walk for far too many kilometers to each lookout, where of course, we saw abslutely nothing-it was ridiculous and such a waste of time! However, we were walking along and I noticed a large bundle of silk...and then another and then I looked around and almost flipped out, there were huge spiders everywhere!! Now, Im a bug fan and everything, but these things were nasty and there were hundreds of them...we were walking through webs to get to these stupid lookouts-it sucked! Itwas funny though...I was a total baby and I hated it...Mike was quiet and made fun of me, but Ill bet you anything that he almost wet himself!

The next day we took a bus back to Arequipa (major deja vu) so that we could catch a bus to Tacna-the last city we visited before entering Chile...and time was running short because, while I recieved 60 days on my tourist visa upon entering Peru, Mike only recieved 30, so we needed to get to an immigration office!

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