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Hi everybody.

It’s now time to leave Malawi. It’s been great here. We stuck around in Malawi a little longer than we originally expected we would. It was simply great to be here. Lake is awesome, people are pretty nice and we were in the mood not to do too much traveling.

Had a cool couch surfing experience just the other day. I’m not going to explain couch surfing so if you don’t know, look it up on the net. Anyway, we stayed with an American Peace Corps volunteer in his mud hut. He lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere and had been there for 2 years. Great to see how he was really apart of the community. He rented his mud hut for $7 us dollars a month.

Now we’re off to Zambia to catch a glimpse of Victoria Falls. Should be cool.

We have just over a month left on our trip. We have to move a little faster in that period of time and that is good for us right now. We are feeling great about the next month and we’re sure it will go by quickly.

Catch ya’ll later.

Maciej and Rikke.

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