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Hello all!

Robin and I are at the internet cafe together. We're comfortable at this point to go to the market/town by ourselves at this point. Myself and the motorbike driver made a Robin sandwich on the bike ride coming it. It's super dusty here and on top of us sweating buckets, our skin gets dirty pretty quickly.

Yesterday, Robin played kickball with some local girls at the PAC compound(where we live and work). The game was quite a big event with as many as 300 people showing up. The game was to start at 4 but did not get under way until 5:30 (they call this lack of puntuallity BMT-black man time!). We find it sort of different that this sport is actually played at a competitive level here...

This morning Robin and I went through our community (it's called Pipeline community) and visited 2 schools and 2 hospitals/clinics. We will be putting together some workshops for hospital/school staffs in the comming weeks. Should be interesting!!!

Other than that, life is still good. The state of the country is in pretty rough shape due to the civil wars. The rebuilding process takes time and the attitudes of a lot of the people is still expecting hand-outs... kind of tough to deal with at times. Overall, we're really impressed with the PAC staff. They seem super progressive and in desperate need for a better life. Its really awesome to see and to be a part of.

As for now we're looking for any help in finding materials on the internet on the following topics:

FOR ROBIN: HIV/AIDS,STI/STDs,Malaria,Mineral/Vitamin deficiencies

FOR JEROME: Lesson planning, classroom management, teaching aids, teacher ethics, effective use of curriculums, testing and evaluations.

We realize that these topics are very broad but any internet links or email attachments(worksheets, pamphlets, etc)would be greatly appreciated. These people really value any information we can provide them with. The internet here is often very slow and few stations are ever available. The postage/mail system here is also not functional. Any help would be appreciated on this one guys.

Also, anyone can contact us on our cell at 011 231 77001660 at any time. We're 7 hours ahead of the time in Alberta.

Thanks everyone!

Jerome and Robin


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