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Dunnies designed by Austrian Eco-Architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser - FACT!!!I A crap fact...

WOW!! I hear you cry........silently.........while turning off your computer.......and walking away wondering...

Our spot next to the river for the night.....not to bad eh!



Making noodles and pie for my guy!!!!

Today we left Uratiti and went on to Whangarei to stop off and find an internet cafe and get some info from the info shop.

From here we drove up to Paihai which is the best place to get to to see the bay of Islands.

There were some 'famous' public toilets just before we got there (architectually not George Michael wise) so we nipped in to test them out! (yeah we could have missed that out on the journal but today was a bit of a uneventful day!!)

When we got to Paihai we bumped in to the spaceship people that we took a photo of yesterday and the girl is from Colchester! small world!!

As it was getting late we headed off and found a campsite for the night just down the road which was really pretty (and cheap!!).

We made some din dins (Noodles and Pie!) and then flaked out.

Theeeeeeeeeee end.


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