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The overnight bus journey was long and extremely uneventful. The bus was also slightly cold and over the course of the past weeks excesses I had managed to give myself a slight cold, which started to make itself properly felt on that bus journey. Initially that morning I had thought that I was merely really hung over but now I knew otherwise.

By the time the bus arrived in Bangkok at 5.30am I was in a terrible state. I had barely slept over the course of the night with my illness, hangover and the cold, despite having four seats and three (admittedly quite small) blankets that I could cover myself with. It was also raining quite hard and still dark so I went to one of the bigger and slightly more upmarket hotels on Koh San Road that was nearby, only to find that the room was really expensive and would not be ready for another hour and a half. After waiting around for ten minutes and then desperately wanting a bed I left to face the rain again and eventually found a guesthouse about 10 minutes walk away that was good value with a tv and I crashed into bed.

Later on that morning after some sleep the hangover had gone but the cold was definitely still there. It was really annoying as this was to be my very last time in Bangkok and I wanted to party for a couple of days before heading back to India. I could have potentially forced myself out but the crazyness of the previous week in Vang Vieng had drained me and I was in no mood at all to talk to randoms. Anyway if I had forced myself out it would have been a bit of a nightmare journey going to India as I had to get a morning flight to Calcutta, then overnight there before flying to Mumbai and then down to Goa. Not really the sort of journey you want to do when ill.

I had a couple of things to do in Bangkok anyway. I had to pick up my passport which thankfully now had my new Indian visa – ironically I had been given another six month visa now that I did not require it! I also did some shopping and asides from that just generally hung around the Koh San road area and watched movies on the tv in my room in the evening. It wasn’t quite the farewell to Bangkok that I had been thinking of but at least I was feeling a little better when I got up to get the plane to India.

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