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John and John Jr.


Snoqulamie Falls

Brando in Roslyn, WA

Mural depicting coal miner's in Roslyn.

Trip from Everett

Entering La Conner

The guide says we have 10' of clearance but I was sure...

Next obstacle...

Goat Island in the Swinomish Channel

Nice little spot

The Culbertson Family

This time last year we were tan, swam, sailed and just generally enjoyed having an endless summer in Mexico. What a difference a year makes. As we left Everett, WA this morning it struck me how funny life is. Just a few years ago I would never have thought I would be living and traveling full time on a boat. My husband is funny too, to hear him tell it I talked him into this lifestyle. Yeah, it’s a stretch and everyone that hears the story chuckles and smiles at him. Did I mention he lived on a boat when we met 30 years ago? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised by my current circumstances. It does grow on you!

Our dear friends John and Cathy arrived early this week to spend some time with us. We spent the last week in Everett checking out the sights. Everett is a Navy town and the home of Boeing with it’s giant hangars. Unfortunately we didn’t take the time to see the Future of Flight exhibit but did stroll inside the building for a quick look near closing time. Spent some time in Lynnwood at a huge mall and took a trip back to Tacoma to pick up our re-certified Switlik life raft. In addition we spent lots of evenings out at nice restaurants at the end of the dock. The U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln has been in port near us which brings a smile to Cathy’s face (former Navy brat) when we hear reveille in the a.m.

The last few days, Mike and John have spent time helping John Jr. at his home in nearby Bothell. They laid a new oak floor for him. The results were outstanding. I had not seen John Jr. in about 5 years and it was a real treat to spend a day with him. He showed us a few sights in Eastern Washington including the little town of Roslyn. Stopped for a beer there so we could see the tunnels below which are haunted. Unfortunately, the bartender was alone and couldn’t take us down there. Old town, old bar with nice big murals where the TV show Northern Exposure was filmed.

Today we left the Everett Marina with our friends. John’s son is also on board and is making the journey with us through the Saratoga Passage and Skagit Bay to the town of La Conner. We are on the Eastern edge of the San Juan Islands. We have waited many months to finally start this trek and are quite happy that our friends are here to share it with us. If I close my eyes and think island maybe I’ll feel warmer. Didn’t work….

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