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The youth center, planting and planning for the future at Christ's Church...

There is a place in Arizona where the sun gives more then warmth. Surprise Arizona along with all the towns surrounding this growth center have many things in common, but one thread of consistency is more common - growth and in large amounts!

Barb and I have been traveling to this area for several years and each time we come here, we see more and more construction, traffic and activity that from the last time.

Whoever said there was a recession or economic depression did not tell Arizona, especially around the Surprise area!

Where there was orchards now townhouses are planted. Where there was a two lane road, now double that and sometimes triple the lanes. Shopping centers, from strip malls to expanses of athletic stadiums are constructed, or being planned. It is as if most of the building permits in Arizona were dropped in this territory!

I like to see progress, especially planned progress coordinated with opportunity and blessed by our Lord.

Here, in the Valley of the Sun is a church that continues to take opportunity and embrace the continual construction and population change. It isn't a small church, by any means, but the feeling of family and welcome is everywhere on the grounds, in the membership and the Christian theology voiced not only from the pulpit but also with the thousands of members in the greater Phoenix area.

Christ's Church of the Valley didn't just happen, it was planned by committed staff and dedicated members. They started with a tent, then soccer fields out in an area of rural emptiness. As the community grew around the church, the church grew into the community. The outreach spread across the Phoenix metro area.

We have had the privilege of worshiping twice in this mega church, each time a positive experience with the word of God spoken clearly. Final observation, the community is listening. Final question, are we listening to God's direction?

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