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One adage I’ve heard all my life is, “any good thing must come to an end”. That is what happened when January 25th arrived and we departed Lake Texana State Park and the life we’d known since Sept. 19th, 2008. It was a “good thing”, one that we enjoyed so much and will fondly remember. It was such a pleasure seeing the wildlife there and interacting with the campers and other hosts. Even the chores we performed that paid for our rent were fun. Some of them involved working with the other hosts and those were times we especially enjoyed.

Currently, we are residing in the RV park we called home for over a year in Hitchcock, Texas, Lily’s by the Bay. We were fortunate to get in here this time. The parks in this area are all chock full due to construction workers being here to perform repair work at a couple of the chemical plants and refineries called a Turn-Around. They shut down units or sections of the plants and refineries and do repair work that cannot be performed while in operation. These Turn-Arounds are labor intensive and require many extra workers. There are also many people displaced from their homes by Hurricane Ike living in RVs. Our friends, Rudy and Linda Hingst, were only able to stay here for a week because, initially, they thought they would only be in this area that long. Due to circumstances they will be in this area longer but had to move to another park because their site was already spoken for. We rented our site for a month so we’re ok for now.

We plan to head for Arkansas soon for a couple of weeks to do some visiting and take care of some errands there. After that, we will return here until time to begin our next planned “adventure” which will take us west. I have a stress test scheduled for Feb 12th, so we aren’t sure of our timeline until that happens. Once we get the results from that and learn what, if anything, happens as a result, we’ll know more about our schedule. Our plans, at this time, are to head out somewhere around May 1st. That departure date will also depend on when our traveling partners, Rudy and Linda, can leave.

We plan to head for New Mexico, then through the southern part of Colorado into Utah then on to Oregon. We will be stopping at various points along the way and staying varying lengths of time at our stops depending on the points of interest there.

We plan to be in Oregon for a month or so. As we go along I’ll be sending updates and pictures to this journal reporting on our activities. I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for reading this journal, I hope you enjoy it. Please sign the guest book and leave comments if you’d like.

Sonny & Linda

P.S. Didn’t make the stress test, I had an “event” on the golf course where my heart rate accelerated. I don’t think it was the bad golf playing. I went to the emergency room and was immediately put on a monitor and given a shot. It slowed down some so they put me in a room to monitor. It accelerated again so they took me up to CCU and kept me overnight. I was given a heart cath which showed one minor buildup, not enough to do angioplasty and had to stay another night. The doctor prescribed a beta blocker and to take it easy for a couple of weeks.

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