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Casino at Eagle Pass

Kickapoo Casino

Casino campground

Going into our campground


Well, we’ve started on our Diet for Idiots again. Bob had lost 40 lbs. last year but gained 28 back. I had lost 28 lbs and have gained 9 back. Went to the store yesterday and stocked up on our diet foods (deli meat, eggs, cheese, fruit – instead of chips, cookies and ice cream!). I did grab a cream filled frosted donut for my last “treat” and we had some delicious hamburgers for supper last night. We’ll have to start walking twice a day again – luckily the weather has been decent lately. In 70’s during the day and only down in the 40-50’s at night. Very, very windy last night. Sounded like the awning over Bob’s window was being ripped off, but it was still there this morning.

Monday we drove down to Eagle Pass, about 60 miles away, to the Indian Casino – needless to say, we didn’t bring any of their money home… They do have an area where you can camp as long as you want (but who can afford it !!!)

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