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Kaikoura Peninsula

Kaikoura -> Masterton -> Napier -> Gisborne by Mike

We’ve been covering a lot of ground lately, narrowing down the field if you will. Kaikoura was a fantastic place. No jobs, however. We helped ourselves to heaps of great seafood including Whitebait, which is a very popular tiny fish that is fried up into omelets. For dinner one night we cramped(1) a pizza of smoked venison, wild boar and chorizo. We deserved it, after a 2 hour tour around the Kaikoura peninsula that turned into a 4 hour journey, which included clandestine visits to seal/sea lion colonies and epic blisters. Oh yeah, and we saw a HUGE whale right offshore.

We scooted on up to Picton for the ferry to back to the north island. With a few hours to kill I made my way through the local tackle shops with Becca in tow. The ferry ride was nice; caught a bit of Johnson(2) and had about 5 plums. We landed in Wellington with the intention of dropping our passports in the “Dropbox” at the NZ immigration office. Well the “Dropbox” ended up being in the office thus inaccessible after business hours. So, we drove on to Masterton and mailed ‘em.

Masterton was….. nice, I guess. We had Chinese for dinner and met an interesting chap with a lot of tattoos named Jonty. We got to talking and he offered to take us hunting for Crayfish(3) and Paua(4). We reclined(5) as we were due in Napier.

Napier was pleasant. We did some tastings at a local winery, a cheesery, a honey producer, and a cidery. I went a bit overboard at the honey factory. Understandable though. Our car is loaded with wine, cheese, honey and cider. This will require a lot of focus.

On our way from Napier to Gisborne we stopped at the Morere Hot Springs for a soak.

We’re in Gisborne now. It’s Valentines day. Becca’s reading. I’m writing. Tomorrow we head up the East Cape to meet the swell that is arriving. Catch you later.



1 Ate voraciously

2 Sleep

3 Rock Lobster

4 Abalone

5 Declined

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