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My first week at the specialist practice was great. It is so different to Earlville and already I'm loving it. I'm having to use my brain all the time which is some much better. This way I won't forget how to do all my drug calculations when I get home. I have been doing a lot of physio on spinal patients which is great as they are the ones that need the time and the effort putting into them. Not just stick them in a kennel and forget about them like it was in Cairns. I hope that I will be able to get into the surgical area in my time there as it would be an experience to see the specialist surgeries and the speed that the surgeons can do the operations. I am only rotated on to do the medical side of things but that is interesting enough. There are plenty of interesting cases coming into the medical area also. However I still prefer the surgical side of my job, as medical is a slow process and you don't always see improvement straight away. Surgical if you have a broken leg by the time you are out of surgery it is fixed, surgery is so much more interesting in that way. I did remember how much I hate doing ultrasound, it bores the hell out of me. I think it is the only part of my job that I really don't enjoy. I look at the monitor and I just want to fall asleep. But I guess everyone has something that they don't enjoy about their job. I have been working in a lot of different areas and its amazing to see how things are suppose to be done. This week has been absolutely dead and we've all be twiddling our thumbs looking for jobs to do. However tomorrow I am going to be working in the surgical area and really looking forward to it.

Last weekend I went on the Brisbane version of the London eye and it was crap in comparassion. I wennt round in a circle 5 times and then got off. It didn't even stop at the top so you could enjoy the view. Oh well can't win them all. I then went on the citycat river ferry and just took in the scenery. It was a really pleasant day and was really relazing not having to worry about anything other than sitting back and enjoying the views.

On the funny side of things, I discovered what the English vet from Carins really thought about me. I was chatting to Bree one of the nurses and the bitch set me up. She started going on about how Rik was annoying the hell out of her and that everyone was sick of him, she also told me that she had a one night thing with him but he kept going on about his ex girlfriend. I put in that I think he's not over her and if she was to snap her fingers telling him that she wants him back he would going running back to her. Which I have told him on a few occasions. The only thing I said to her that I never told him was that I think he thinks he knows it all when actually he knows bugger all. We carried on chatting for a bit and she comes out with he's standing reading over my shoulder so we better stop chatting. I know then I had been set up. The next thing I knew was he text me asking if I was screwing. I just said no as I just wanted to know I had been played and it didn't bother me what he thought. To which I got this reply:- "Played? You really are a fucking idiot aren't you? Nobody at work hates me you stupid little girl. In fact you was a week away from getting the boat as everyone was sick of your know it all attitude. You really have shown your true colours. I lent you my car and this is how you repay me. You're mental! Don't ever fuck with me you stupid fuck!" I just let rip telling him that if they had given me the boot it would have done me a favour as I never enjoyed work there and stayed as I felt I should as I had said I would and they needed me. Then I followed by saying that I clearly wasn't that bad as he told me all his problems and shit like that. I never got a reply. LOL. Want a idiot, did he really think I would be bothered by that. oh well I never expected to make friends on this trip, all my friends are back home. They are acquaintances and I wouldn't trust any of them with a barge pole. I'm not the little girl that was bullied anymore and I don't care what people think of me. Their problem not mine.

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