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This is a Wombat.

Wombats burrow underground, which is amazing when you look at the size...

Mama Kangaroo with toddler!

Snug as a bug in a rug, not worrying about us strange...

Miracle, a Koala Bear thats not asleep!

Your man at the bottom right really is sleeping!

"Where's Rod?" EMU.

There's always one who has to go his own way! Maybe looking...

This cute creature is, in fact, a vicious Tasmanian Devil - take...

Don't ever smile.......

Baby Crocodiles.

Jackson Valley, on a par with the Grand Canyon.

The only difference to the Grand Canyon is that Jackson Valley is...

Dappled sunlight moves across the vast rainforest.

4 foot high Ants Nest, there are millions in the colony.

Seeing the Three Sisters through the rainforest canopy.

Cable Car from Canyon Rim to forest below.

Coal Mine Shaft

Can you spot the train coming down the steepest railway in the...

Sydney Harbour Bridge at Dusk, coming home down the Parramatta River.

Sydney Opera House at Dusk.

A tour by coach to the Blue Mountains and the town of Katoomba, including a visit to the Animal Santuary. Took the Rivercat Boat back to Sydney on the Parramatta River. Did this 8 years ago and always wanted to go back. I really do believe that Johnson Valley is as good as the Grand Canyon, the difference being that it is covered in evergreen Temperate Rainforest, while the Canyon has rock formations and a myriad of colours.

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