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Sunday 1st - Monday 2nd Feb - I did really do much at all. Just had a nice chill out couple of days. Because it was so hot I didn't want to be out in it. It was about 30 degrees so far to hot to be out in. I stopped in a just watched some films.

Tuesday 3rd - I went to the vet surgery I will be working in for the next month. Oh my god its huge! There is 14 consulting rooms, MRI and digital x ray, separate medical and surgical areas, 2 ultrasound rooms. Its certainly going to be a challenge for me, well I hope it will be anyway. The I decided that I would just have to cross the road illegally and hope there are no cops around. Don't want to get done for Jay walking. Wednesday 4th - I just went into Brisbane city centre and had a look around the shops. I is certainly very different from Cairns. Its more like London with the building but its a large town rather than a city. Because I'm not sure when I'm getting paid from this job I don't want to do things that are going to cost me money. I want to make sure I don't run short. That's the problem over here I have to work twice as hard to get the same amount of money back home.

Thursday 5th - I went to the local shopping centre and just had a look around the shop there. Its been so hot this week but nowhere near live it has been in Melbourne over 40 everyday this week. That's far to hot for any one's standards.

Friday 6th - We went down the bowls club which the equivalent to the workingman's club back home. But it has a lot more atmosphere. Kev is making the most of me not drinking, and having a few drinks. Its a win, win situation he can drink and I get to drive. It was very strange as I was speaking with people from Leighton, they moved out her about 18 years ago. Just goes to show how small the world actually is. I'm thousands of miles away and I with people from a town that's not even on the map.

Saturday 7th - We went to watch a lawn bowls match and it is so different what I watched when Grandad use to play. They wear bright colours and blast music over the sound system whilst the match is on. Grandad would be turning in his grave if he could see it. We stoppped there for the rest of the evening and had a great laugh. Which is suprising considering we was in a bowls club.

Sunday 8th - We was suppose to go to Byron bay beach, but as kev was feeling a bit fragile we didn't. I went down to South Bank to have a walk down the river which was really nice as it wasn't that hot and there was a slight breeze. We are all taking it in turns to cook dinner which is great for as I don't have to cook everynight. I was my turn tonight and its was a good old english roast. Went down lovely.

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