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Rise and shine! Is that a midget in your sleeping bag or...

A furry furry catterpillar!

A bit of beach time where we stopped for brecko

I think after 8 months seraching the world......we have found our perfect...

Ozz re-creates a scene from Dr No!

The sea was absolutely amazingly beautiful!!

Even I went in!

A beautiful beach.....that was pretty much empty!

Taking a moment to apreciate where I am!....and that I may be...

Em finds some Paperazzi hidden behind a sand castle

If you can't beat em join em darling

Ozz accesorises with a few sea shells!

The biggest instrument in the world!

You have to take work with the shade you are given in...

Em killing ants with whatever that is in her hand!!

This isn't what it looks like!...I wouldn't be smiling that much if...

Like this!...........Not really!!!!!!! he was just trying to pull me off.....THE WALL!!...

Icey cold beer!

Base camp

I managed to have 5 minutes quiet time with Em safely trapped...

Yes we were that bored and delirius from the heat that we...

Night time at camp A & E

As planned we were up quite early today to make the most of our only day in Perth!

We caught a bit of brecko at a beach side cafe at Coogee beach and then had a little wander along the beach.

From here we decided to go for a drive North along the coast checking out the amazing beaches along the way.

We stopped off at City Beach which is about 5/10 minutes from the City and we've decided that it was the most amazing beach we have seen thus far!! Just check out the photo's man!!!

We spent about an hour there and then went into Perth city centre for a bit of a mooch, and especially to find a Didgeridoo shop that Em had read about.

We eventually found it and chatted to the really nice lady in there for ages. She gave us a free lesson as well which was really cool. Em's a natural aparently!!!!

Em's wanted a didge for ages so we bought one for ourselves for about GBP 60.00 (hey it's an authentic didge, it's a bargain man!!!) and then went to the post office to send it home (it should be with you in about 7-10 days ma & pa Sheen. Enjoy!!).

From here we decided to head over to a campsite that's really close to the airport as it had a pool and it was baking again today, but also our flight is at 9am tomorrow (back to Syders) so we're gonna have to get up early anyway!

The campsite was quite cool and the pool was heaven!

We had some fud and a couple of beers and then fed some noodles to the ducks that were hanging around us. As you do!!

Bed quite early again today as a very early start tomorrow.

The West Coast seems very cool. Shame we didn't have longer to explore really!


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