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This guy really wanted to be left alone - wouldn't even change...

Island in the middle of knowwhere in Africa? Or England?

The dreaded night ferry.

Rikke on the ferry transfer

Local kid we befriended. knew every capital of every country but asked...

A terrible crammed boat ride took us to the small island, Likoma, on the Mozambique side, still Malawi though. Maciej stayed awake as always, making sure I got just a bit sleep and making sure no one stole our stuff (you never know). I am always very grateful for the way he takes care of us and our stuff and how considered he is of my grumpy need to sleep. I could have not gotten a better man in life.

The island is beautiful and the people helpful, curious and unspoiled by tourism. Well, we gave a kid 40 KW to take us to the guesthouse, so surely he is totally wrecked now, wanting to scream GIVE ME MY MONEY like all other kids in touristy areas… argh, we hope we didn’t spoil the little one. He stared at the money for a long time, probably not even realizing what money was.

Though picturesque and charming, it is also windy, it is rainy, the roof in our dorm is leaking and there are creeps and crawlers of many shapes, some that we never knew existed and spiders in heaps, so maybe not my favourite place in the long run. But we meet some cool people who are going the same direction as us, so we hope for some company in the future.

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