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Rough Canyon Campground

Goats on the way to Rough Canyon

Houseboat at Rough Canyon Marina

Lonely goat out of fence

Road into our campground

Drove up the road to Rough Canyon and took some pictures. A LOT of goats along the way. Then drove into Del Rio to dump and get water, and they had filled in the dump station and took out the water spigot !!! Needless to say, we’ll be doing a lot less shopping in town. There’s a Laundromat and the park dump/water station up the road 8 miles so we’ll go there from now on.

Had a leak in our shower, which caused a wet spot to appear in the middle of the living room. Poor Weebles almost got blamed for having an accident !! We got a new faucet and installed it today. Had to take almost everything out of the pantry but at least I found out what food supplies we have 

Went for a walk today and it took us 1-1/2 hours for a 20-minute walk. We stopped along the way to help someone with an electrical problem, talked to a few other people, tried to find the scoop on someone who we think got kicked out, etc. Some days it’s hard to burn calories…

Talked to a neighbor today who has been coming here since she was a child. The part of the lake/reservoir in front of us used to be very low and the old highway is now the boat ramp. There was a bridge out in the middle over a “small” lake and they used to fish off the bridge. After the new highway/bridge were completed the old bridge was partly damaged when they put in the dam, but apparently in the summer months the agreement is that a lot of reservoir water is let into Mexico for irrigation so the water goes way down and they can then stand on part of the bridge again to fish! That explains the “speed bump ahead” sign just as the old road goes underwater…I’ll try to get a better picture – the one I have is just topping the hill before you go back down into the campground.

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