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Architectual rendition of Seattle First Baptist Church

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Original window panels - they were just beautiful

From the Whitman Room - He and his wife's remains are buried...

Side view today

We made it to Everett. The Snohomish rivermouth sits next to the marina which gives us a nice view out towards the sound. It is fascinating to watch the current rush in and out with boats riding it out or fighting it in. The marina is built up nicely with restaurants and facilities. Next door is a Navy base which allows us to hear revelie each morning at 8:00 a.m. but haven't been able to hear evening taps as yet.

A few days ago we took a road trip into old Seattle, which is now called "pill hill" due to all the hospitals and medical facilities. Our purpose was to see the church my Grandmother spoke of. Her grandfather (my great, great) Beniah L. Whitman was the founder. We walked into the office and threw his name around and got a personalized tour of the church and the Whitman Room. He was highly educated, an author, president of more than one university and a pastor. I learned my great, great grandfather died in the hospital just across the street as the church was being completed. The Seattle First Baptist Church has become a high maintenance church due to it's age, early 1900's but it is still beautiful nonetheless. Luckily there is a large endowment for maintaining it's future. I have provided some pics of our visit.

We are waiting for our friends John and Cathy to join us on Blue Aweigh and will have some time to investigate this area further. John's son lives nearby and we will have an opportunity to see his home and visit him while we are here.

Unfortunately, rain and cold weather is back. I guess it is to be expected.

THINK SNOW (at Whistler, Canada)!

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