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Back on the road again!

Are we nearly there yet!!?

Our first scenic lookout of the day.

See I told you it was a lookout!

Our ride for the next few days....

The "official" start of the Great Ocean Road!

Sum stuff that I never read so I can't really say too...

If you zoom in really close you might be able to read...

Ahh I think this one must be some of the dudes that...

The classic road trip shot!

Nat maxin relaxin in the front!

If you look reaaaaaly close that's me and Nat that is!!

I-like-big-butts and I can not lie.....

Ta daaaaaaaaa

Me and Ozz are on the rocks!

so are Ozz and Nat!

Look at that wreck

Our first encounter of a koala in teh wild....amazing!!

There sooooooooo sleepy!

Silly lighthouse!

Look, it's bloody tiny anyway!

The two girlies in front of the great ocean

Some amazing views


I think we have completed our Australian wildlife road sign collection now!

Ozz next to the 12 apostles sign....well you think of something funny...

Nat and Ozz fighting...

Nat bateing up Ozz......again!

The 12 Apostles!

A few more Apostles

Us infront of the Apostles

Nat in front of an Apostle


Setting up camp for the night


A couple of shady ladies!

Nat doing some paper work!

Austen loking shady

BBQ TIME!!!!!!!!!

Mmmmmmmm more cheeese pleasaaaase!

Em's found the Goon then!

......and the burgers!

Thanks for sharing!

Big black riding hood......

Night night campers

So the plan was to leave for the road trip around 6am.........but we all knew this wasn't going to happen! and after tea and toast (which the girls can't function without!) and packed lunch making I think we eventually left around 9!

After a few wrong turns and a garage stop for energy drinks and emergency nibbles I think we hit the Great Ocean Road around 10.30 and straight away the views were spectacular!

A few scenic lookout points later we stopped at was a shipwreck site where we went for a climb on the rocks and a paddle.

Next up was a lighthouse that we didn't know too much about but we thought it might be nice.......until we found out you have to pay 30 bucks each for the privilege, so we decided to make spaz faces at it on the poster! 1-1!

After we left the lighthouse we spotted a few camper vans pulled over to the side of the road so we decided to check out what they were looking at, it was only a bleedin koala bear up a tree weren't it! It was our first encounter with one in the wild so we were very happy!.....They don't do much though do they!

Anyway, next was the famous 12 Apostles, and they didn't disappoint ladies and gentlemen! They are basically a collection of natural limestone stacks standing just off shore in the Port Campbell National Park. Originally the site was called the Sow and Piglets. Muttonbird Island near Loch And Gorge was the ‘Sow’ and the smaller rock stacks the ‘Piglets.’ The name was changed in the 1950s to the more majestic "The Twelve Apostles" to lure more visitors even though there were only nine left.....a little apostle FACT! and YES I did just copy that from Wikipedia! ;)

As we were leaving we saw a little poster for the town of Port Campbell which was just down the road and as it was fast aproaching beer and BBQ O'Clock and we still had no where to stay we thought we would go and have a little look. It was a really small town and it had a really pretty cove (I can't believe we didn't take any piccy's of it!!) We found a campsite not 1 minute away which was cool! We checked in (think it was around 8 quid each - bargain!) set up the tent and got busy with the fizzy and Barbaquizzy (sorry, Ozz made me write that!). We drank goon, ate burgers, and played dominos for most of the evening until it started to get a bit nippy so we decided to take refuge in the car. We all got cosy like rosy and me and Nat fell asleep while Ozz decided to brave it in the tent (his choice! we left him the back seat!!!)

[Ozz] They were snoring!!!

It was a really fun day and the goon helped us all sleep comfortably! Nighty night


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