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Olympia, Washington state capitol building

Tiffany's shade in the Capitol building, heard it is $35,000 to replace...

Washington displayed in the center of the rotunda

We made it to Alaska, not! This was on display in a...

These are real.

The glass museum from the courthouse. The walkpath is where there are...

One section of the glass overhead on the bridge walkway

Another section of the glass overhead on the bridge

Last weekend we enjoyed a short trip to Olympia, toured the beautiful but empty capitol building on Saturday. The marble on the walls, floors and halls is just gorgeous. The lamps/lighting is all Tiffany's. We also drove around the Tacoma narrows and just generally took a look around.

On our last days in Tacoma we tried our best to take it all in as we will probably never visit here again(the world is just too big). We enjoyed a drive through Desolation Point Park; a 5 acre beautifully wooded park located on the Puget Sound with a 5 mile drive through it with lots of hiking trails. Spotted a nice little racoon pack eating something that was unfortunately tossed their way. It is so nice to travel these areas in low season. There is always availability and prices are low. We took one last walk around downtown Tacoma and walked through the courthouse to see the glass statues on display from the museum. The walking bridge over the freeway connecting the waterfront to downtown has a glass ceiling of the Chihuly collection from the museum. See the pic of the look of one section overhead. We also stopped into the original Almond Roca factory. Tours are no longer given but they do sell the product way, way too cheaply. We are now supplied with the original variety and ones we've never heard of.

So after two weeks we go north again. This time Mike will single hand the the boat for about 5 hrs. while I drive the car so we won't have to go back through the walk/bus circus to get our wheels back.

Our hearts have been heavy the last couple weeks. We learned that our cruising friends on Cambria have a son that has been severely injured on an ATV. We wish them the best and hope they will be able to meet their family commitments yet continue their cruising dream. Someone once told me, "Everyday is a gift...that's why it's called the present". I hope you are enjoying your present, take care.

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