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Dan, Kay and the cat

Bob's fish frying

Back of Tom's boat

Bob & Jerry enjoying their steak

Bob's fish

Getting ready to launch















Out to sea




























Our fish was delicious.

Later that night the generator stopped, which meant we had hit the quarter mark on our gas tank. So Saturday morning we had to disconnect everything, put the slide-out back in, batten down the hatches and head to the gas station, which is about 6 miles down the road. Normally we wouldn’t use 40 gallons of gas running the generator (25 days), but because we brought our 5 cf freezer along we have to run it 3-4 hours a day. Last winter when we were out on the desert for 51 day it only took 16 gallons.

Played “cross crib” (a cribbage game) with the Canadians parked next to us a few nights, They supplied the game and we supplied the ice cream! Dan and Kay are a super fun couple, traveling with their cat from British Columbia down around the outskirts of the US. Canadians can only be out of the country for 6 months. Hopefully we’ll run into them again, but that seldom happens. You meet such great people and bond with them, and then they (or you) are gone. That’s the one downside of RVing.

Lin finally tracked Bob’s VA medication down and forwarded it to us, with our first batch of mail. It’s strange not getting mail everyday, and once in awhile you rack up a late charge because something didn’t get to you in time. We’ve had more trouble this year than most as we had several change of addresses and then found out that one didn’t get changed so there was a stop on our mail (which resulted in Bob’s meds going astray).

Did laundry and somehow lost a pillowcase and the top of my pj’s. Went back but they weren’t there. Hope whoever has them gets some enjoyment out of them!

Bob has been trying to get our wireless working on the Internet service, with no success. We tried 2 different new routers, and spent 45 minutes on line with a tech – who then wanted $10 to finish setting it up after we just paid $55 for the router! We then lost contact with her because the cell phone battery died…. I think we’ll just keep the old router (that we paid $5 for at the DAC retail sale 3 years ago !!) as we can get on the net fine through wires. He just wanted to make it available wireless so other campers around us could also get on. But it’s not worth all the stress he’s going through!

Bob did go out fishing with Milton on his boat, but only got 2 bites and Milton didn’t get any, so I think they’ll wait and go out when they hear the fish are biting.


We’re sitting here watching the movie “RV” – and sure can relate to a lot of it !!!

Our friends Jerry and Susie from Illinois stopped to visit for a couple days on their way to Mission, TX. Had a great time with them. We went out for Mexican the first night, then out for breakfast on Saturday morning and took a tour of the old part of town. Came back and sat around the camp and later had some good old Iowa New York strips. It is always great seeing people from home.

We’ve also run into a couple who work-camped up in Alaska for a number of years, just down the road from where we were in 2006. We enjoy visiting with them and reminiscing about Alaska. They left for a couple weeks, but will be back. The wife has a spinning wheel and she makes yarn from Alpaca wool. Bob will get some pictures of it when they return.

And we have another couple parked next to us, who are here with another couple. Haven’t really met the women yet, but the guys are a hoot. They have a collapsible boat that they took out yesterday (in very rough water as it was somewhat windy), but I guess because it doesn’t have a rigid bottom it just absorbs the waves. I’ll put some pics on here.

Today’s supposed to be a beautiful day – in the 70’s and light wind, so we’ll need to get back to our walking.

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