James and Karen's Big Trip travel blog

The Pinnacles

Karen on top of the world

Us at Reed Lookout (d'ya geddit???)

James pulls the birds

Here come the roo's!

An Echidna

James and view

McKenzie Falls

McKenzie Falls again!

On the advice of John and Karen who we kept meeting on the east coast we headed to the Grampians National Park and we are so glad we did! Thanks guys it is amazing! Stunning scenery, roo's bouncing around through the campsite, cheeky birds feeding from your hands and just so relaxing. This is one of Victoria's best places we think and well worth a visit for anyone in this neck of the woods!

As we reached the mountains we at last got a signal on the mobile and received some brilliant news... Tess had found the top Karen left at her house in Sydney... oh and yeah...Jim proposed to Marie at her 30th birthday bash much to her and everyone else's amazement (we knew you had it in you big guy!) Congrats guys...gutted to have missed it so looking forward to celebrating with you both on our return!!

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