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Centre of Prato Della Valle.

Prato Della Valle at night. The park became magical at nights!

Basicilla of Sant Anthony, Saint of lost things.

The same church at night viewed from our hotel room.

One of many canals around Padova.

Wide view of the park.

The fan shaped cobblestone streets of Padova.

I guess Jerry had enough of Italy's house red wine!

Spring has come at last!

Prato Della Valle at Padova.

Hey Yall...

We are now in Padova, a charming walled city with one of the oldest university in Europe, 40 minutes by train away from Venice, which is the most expensive city to stay in Italy and we are too poor to stay there. My mom and Jerry had been to Padova before and they raved about this place. I could see why after stepping out of the train and walking toward the centre. Fan-shaped designed cobblestone roads leading us thru antiquated buildings, most of which were built by the turn of 15th century. Prato delta Valle graced us with its huge oval shaped plaza with man-made canal on the edge. Statues lined up on both edges of the canals around the plaza made it even more mesmerizing! The towering domes of Basilica di Sant' Antonio gilded the sky as thousands of pilgrims visited in hope that St. Anthony, patron saint of Padova and of the lost things, will help them find whatever it was they were looking for. I went in with hopes of finding my way back to love once again and came out with an old beggar in my face wondering if he was the answer to my wishes and decided God must be busy and had missed my request! ;-p

All in all...Padova were lovely and just the right place to use as a home base. It's quiet, tranquil and whole a lot cheaper than Venice! The weather kinda suck as it rained a bit and remained cloudy with much cooler temperature that my tits constantly popped out! Brrr! Sun, my everlasting source of energy...where art thou? I need you! I am thinking perhaps I should drop seeing Venice and head south to Amalfi Coast for it's supposedly to be sunny and warm this time of year! But to give up my dream of seeing way! Not even if it's raining, snowing, freezing or hit by tsunami!

Yesterday the weather improved somewhat slightly and the sun peeked out several times thus making the day warmer and we really enjoyed seeing more of Padova! We went to see the stunning artwork by Giotti at Scrovengi Chapel. It was amazing to learn that he had painted 36 emotionally charged frescoes on the lives of Mary and Jesus a wayyyyyyy back in 1305, which in turn, inspired many other famous artists to paint their own interpretations such as Michelangelo, Raphael, and Carraviago. Pardon me for not spelling their names correctly as I don't have the book with me. :-)

We plan to see Venice 2 days to explore every corner as much as we can! After that, we will then be well on our way to Perugia, the heart of Umburia country. After than...who knows where we will go as we are gonna go whichever way the wind blew us! ;-) Yall will know one way or another when I post another journal after this one! ;-)

Meanwhile...yall have a great time as spring has finally arrived! No reason to stay home on your bums! ;-p

Big warm hugs as usual,


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