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Religious shop fronts

Where Richard gets his hair cut


We think it is meant to be clap....




New skipping ropes




Our neighbours

Small cockroach

The larger variety

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The winds

We thought for this blog we’d write about life in general now we’ve been here a few months, to give a taste of some unusual things here, good and bad!

Ghana is a fairly religious country, a mixture of Christianity and Islam. Pretty much every taxi and tro-tro have religious sayings on their rear windscreens and even shop names have religious titles. We’ve attached a few of our favourites as photos to give you a flavour!

Animals are also part of daily life here. We’ve had small cockroaches in the kitchen and even large cockroaches in people’s shoes! When we first arrived we thought we’d never sleep. We have surround-sound cockerels each morning from 3am but we’ve come to appreciate them as it helps to drown out the howling dogs from around 5am… All good fun now though, as we have learnt to block out the noise. When we get home we may struggle to sleep as it will just be too quiet!

At this time of year the Harmattan winds have started. These are winds that blow from the Sahara and carry fine sand with them. Everything at the moment is covered with this very thin layer of sand. On the road to Richard’s school the dust is especially bad. The road is being rebuilt so it is quite dusty there but with the added winds it has become unbearable. There are lots of people walking around with handkerchiefs over their faces like bandits. It is also affecting the school start time. The amount of dust means it is slightly darker than usual so the children do not realise the time. They are arriving up to 45 minutes late for school.

We have some lovely neighbours where we are currently living who we chat to most days, including 3 little girls called Millicent, Beatrice and Miriam. They are very inquisitive and full of energy! In December, as a makeshift skipping rope, they had fastened together 2 pieces of old rope with a fishing hook which looked very sharp and dangerous, especially as they were skipping barefoot. So for Christmas, we bought them each a real skipping rope. When they opened them they were so thrilled, from the looks on their faces you would have thought we’d bought them a flat screen TV! They were so excited and ever since then they have been playing with them everyday. If you watch the attached videos, you can see them teach Richard a thing or two!

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