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Entrance which is narrow and shallow to Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor from the city dock

MLK rally downtown Seattle

From the MLK rally

Beautiul day in Seattle

Pike's market this afternoon

Hope to catch a salmon like this later this year


Nearby Mt. Rainier

Just a duck outside our boat in the narrow

The "hot shots" at the Museum of Glass

And another one, really impressive stuff

It's been awhile...We haven't seen rain in about 10 days. What a thrill. We sit snugly at an end dock in the Tacoma narrows of the Foss waterway near downtown Tacoma. It has been a nice trip. Since last time, we anchored at the peaceful island of Vashon for a night then docked at the Gig Harbor city/"People's" dock for two nights for free. Without power for a few nights leaves us a bit chilly in the a.m. The last morning at Gig Harbor we awoke to an unfriendly 40 degree temp INSIDE the salon. Mind you we have lots of nice bedding, synethic sheets (which are cozy), a blanket, a quilt and a down comforter so sleeping is fine. It's who will get up and start the generator and coffee that becomes the big decision. Typically Mike is the loser, or I mean winner, and gallantly gets up and takes the chill out for us. I think he's a keeper!

So we decided to go for power, yeah 50 amp power! We left on his 51st birthday last Monday and traveled through pea soup fog from Gig Harbor to Tacoma. Couldn't see more than 100 ft. in front of us but alas we have an awesome radar system (thanks Bob!). Thank goodness since we had a ferry pass within an 1/8 mile of us and he wouldn't answer on the radio to ensure us he saw us. Luckily we made it unscathed into the Foss marina where they had an end tie we could see and tie up to. This was a small miracle of sorts to us and nice people to boot. Don't think we will do that again. This mind you was the first leg of Mike's "birthday journey". We decided that we had time to make it to the Tacoma bus terminal to take the express bus to Seattle, to take the ferry to Bainbridge Island to pick up our car and drive it to Tacoma! So off we went....

Step 2 is a two mile walk to the bus where we chatted aboard with colorful characters (one was holding a rifle in a gun case and mentioned target shooting which is a little disturbing on a city bus while another told us that the ride to Seattle is 45 minutes unless "one monkey stops the show", i.e. an accident). When we got off the bus we walked two blocks and found ourselves in the middle of a Martin Luther King rally in downtown Seattle. They were also celebrating that the next day we would have Barak Obama as President. After our rally experience we did have a bit of a greasy lunch at Ivar's, caught the ferry, found our car unmolested and made it back to Tacoma for a home cooked dinner. Whew! We enjoy having our car but as Mike put's it, it can be a ball and chain to store and move to the next location.

We have been exercising daily in Tacoma which allows us to see local points of interest. Thursday we enjoyed the Museum of Glass which is a short walk from us and got to see the "hot shots" making glass items. It was interesting and impressive. We are just about 1 mile from the U of W, Tacoma and 2 miles from the Tacomadome where concerts and sporting events take place.

Yesterday we went to the Seattle boat show which was quite nice and huge. Got to see Lake Washington where the boats sit in the water and the Qwest stadium where the exhibitors reside. Today we went back and enjoyed a trip to Pikes Market downtown and ate some borscht(beet)soup and Russian piroshky's. Definetely want to go back there. All in all we continue to have fun in the cold. It is usually in the high 20's at night and up to the mid 40's in the day. Considering we were in Zihuatejo, Mexico last year this time at about 90 degrees we feel a world away from our cruiser friends who are frolicking in the sun....maybe next year. That's all for now.

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