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The morning after the night before!

Em and Nat glued together again!!!

Nat, James, Nats mate, and Em in BASE Bar

Me, Nat, and Nat's mate!

Our first encounter with a couple of possum, POSSUMS!!!

And this little bubby one said hello!!! No it's not a hand...

Today Nat had to go to work...booooooooo......but James came back...Yaaayyyyy.

James is one of Nats mates who she travelled down the coast with (you may remember him from such entrys as the Blue Mountains and the Moonlight cinema in Sydney!)

Aaaaaaanyway, James has been on a paid medical trial which basically means he stayed in hospital for 5 days and tested anti-inflamitory drugs while getting all his meals for free, got to play the playstion all day, and got paid hansomely for the pleasure!

So now we are all in a 4 bed dorm which is pretty cool and we basically spent the day asking him loads of questions about what happened! Ozz is seriously considering it too!!!

Nat came back and we all went out for a Welcome home James drink in a bar down the road but called it a night at about midnight as we were all pretty knackered.

Oooh and we had our first possom encounter on the way back!


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