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A group heel click.....always a good way to start the evening!

Aaaaahhhhh the gang in Heavens door.....possibly the worst gay club in the...

The classic shot shot...

followed by the classic after shot shot!

Me and Natsplat :)

The terrible twins and Gareth (or Max and Paddy as we like...

Nat me and gay Dan striking a pose

We were the only people in the club but look at the...

Drag queen number 1

Drag queen number 2!

Dan girating around me......he liked to do that.....A LOT......were not even sure...

Crazy eyed Andy

This is where the night started to go horribly wrong!

Why Why Why did we get up on stage.....What was we expecting!

The winning kiss! sorry Mum Dad and Nan and Grandad and anyone...

There are no words to describe this moment......funny caption suggestions welcome!

The winners with our winning drinks!

COME ON!!!!!

Spot the drag queen.......

Nat, George and me

Gay Dan is loving it!!!

Ready for bedybyes!

Nite Nite!!!!!!!!

Today we had the pleasure of Nat for the day as she had a rare day off work.

We spent most of the morning deciding what to do and seeing as the weather wasn't that sunny we just hung around and ate toast pretty much!....untill the sun came out that is!! so we decided to make a mad dash for the beach.

We played some games and read mags for a few hours on the grass next to the beach then went for a look around town. It's a really cool little town with loads of shops bars/reasturaunts....not that any of us can afford to buy anything from them! :(

We headed back to the hostel via the bottle shop as we are off out tonight to meet a few people Nat knows and are planning to have a few before we go to save some money.

So off out we went after a few cheap nasty polish meet up with Andy and Gareth in a bar down town. We had one in there then Gay Dan their mate turned up and lets put it this way....there wasn't even any other Dans there....thats how gay, gay Dan was!!!

We stopped off at a few more bars and then Dan decideds we should go dancing and assures us that gays are always out dancing and we should find a gay club.....which we do.....aaaaaand it was empty! But we decided to go in for one anyway.

Then out of no where two 6.5 foot drag queens appear ready to do a show! so we decided to stick around and see what it was all about.

They performed a little song and dance routine as the club started to fill up a bit.....then they inform us that we are going to play a game and they will need 4 volunteers - 2 boys 2 girls!. Well we all shove Ozz up there first naturally....then I get picked on by one of the he/she's shortly followed by Andy and seeing as Nat was the only other girl in there she got dragged up too.

Now I don't know what we thought was going to happen but basically the game was they wanted me and Nat to snog.....and the boys to either snog each other....or they could snog on of the drag can see by the piccys what happened!

Me and Nat won! hooray!!!! and we both won a few drink yaaayy.

After this we got really drunk to try and forget what we had all just been put through and made it home around 3am after an emergency McDonalds stop!!

A V fun night...


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