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Haven’t done much lately, just our usual trips to town for water, dump, groceries, etc. We did go to the group camp area last Thursday morning for coffee and to listen to a ranger talk about his experiences. He dragged his 15-minute talk into an hour and it was only in the 40’s so we got pretty chilly listening to him.

Friday we went to town to get Bob a fishing license and some “worms”. One of the other campers, Milton, is going to take him out in his boat one of these days and he wants to be prepared. On Saturday Del Rio had a big Winter Texas Appreciation Day with a free meal, music, dancing, etc. but Bob didn’t want to go, so we went through Wendy’s on the way home. He went fishing for a bit and defrosted the freezer. We watched Biggest Loser later that night. Sunday just took a couple walks. Bob made pork/pinto beans in the crockpot and fished some in the afternoon (hasn’t caught anything yet).

Sunday – just took a couple of walks. Bob tried fishing again with no luck.

Monday 1/19 – Drove up to Amistad Dam, out to the middle to the border of Mexico. The reservoir is huge, with over 800 miles of shoreline between the US and Mexico.

Tuesday we went to the local Del Rio Museum. Very nice old buildings and displays, and a lot of interactive things for children to do. One building was dedicated entirely to the Nativity Scene, with many different displays. They had an area for some different birds and animals (like the “red gold pheasant”, peach faced lovebirds, etc.). Del Rio is a very very old town and they still have many historic buildings in their down town area. Appears the town was on the southeast side of the railroad tracks, and then when the town started to grow they built up on the northwest side as those buildings are much more modern. The town now is about 33,000 people.

If you can’t handle gross stuff, you may not want to read farther, but it is kind of funny…. I started getting acid indigestion or whatever last night (and I hardly ever get sick) so I took one of those “take-a-long” quart containers to bed with me. After a bit I started throwing up, seriously, so I’m trying to hit the dish in the dark while working my way out from under 5 layers of blankets. Bob is asking “are you sick” so of course I replied “noooo”. Then had to inch my way around a 1-foot space between the bed and wall, down around the corner to the bathroom while continuing to fill my dish (just knowing it was going to overflow at any minute) and at the same time keep from wetting myself (us old ladies do have that problem you know). He started rattling about how a drink of water would make me feel better…so I got a “shut up” out in among heaves. He finally turned on the light so I could see (as it was hard for me to do with one hand holding the container and the other trying to keep my false teeth in!). Luckily I got there just in time to dump my container before it overflowed, but of course not before I ended up splashed on. Thank heavens I had another clean pair of pajamas, and felt a lot better afterwards (other than I could only fall asleep for 5 minutes at a time all night). We’re thinking it might have been the mayo, since Bob had gotten an upset stomach earlier in the week. But I think I’ll skip breakfast…

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