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The girls struggle on the first question of Who Want's to be...

Then a few games of Domino's with some horrible wine! Nat seems...

After a big day out yesterday we went to reception this morning to try and book some more time here - no joy however as it's all fully booked!!

In fact almost everywhere is..............except it turns out the crap hole that Nat is currently staying in. And seeing as it is only 2 minutes down the road we went and checked into there for a week.

Nat left for work at about midday (to return at about 7pm) which gave us plenty of time to make ourselves at home in her room!!!!

We went on the internet, did some shopping, and caught some lunch, and then Nat was back!!!

We had a nice easy night tonight as we were all a bit badgered, but still managed to squeeze in a bit of wine while playing a few games of dominos before hitting the hay.......slightly later than planned! Damn you wine!!!!


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