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What do you do when you come across men with fruit on...

You join in of course!!!

.......and then you run away!!!

The Rod Laver Court..........and I'm guessing a picture of Rod Laver in...

A really happy ticket lady!!

Me and Nat flashing our tatts!

Centre court

Andy "Stiffler" Roddick V's Rehnquist!! Our first match.


Some tennis


A bit of girl on girl action..... (Em wrote that by the...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwahhh a bikiss to ze fans!!

mmmmmmmmmmmm burger...................

Aren't they all meant to be pretty these days!?!?!?

I am officially a div after putting my and Nats tattoos on...


If you look really carefully you can just about see a giant...

Yeah wearing black should help in the sunshine kids!!!!!

Court 10 with the crazy Eastern European Fans!!!

Some band that was playing, we don't know who they were buty...


The laziest type of dancing you can possibly do....sitting down....with pizza!!

Me in front of the big screen

A news camera watching us watching them watching us watching them....

The crown started to grow for the Federer game

Pizza time!

So today was the first day of the Australian Open and we have tickets!!

We met Nat at 8.45am and jumped on a tram to get to the stadium, we had no idea where we were going but just followed the crowds and megaphones so had no problems.

We had a centre court tickets (The Rod Laver Court) which were cool, but these tickets also allowed us to go into any other court around the place to watch other people.

The matches we watched as you can see from the photos had Andy Roddick, Jankovic (No 1 woman), and Djorkavic (mens 6th seed or something!) (Hey, they're close enough man!!!)

We've never been to a Grand Slam before so it was a really cool experience (even if we did have seats in the top row!), the view was pretty good from where we were sitting, but maaaaaaaaan was it hot!!! And we were in the shade!!!!!

It was hard enough sitting there watching the tennis in that heat let alone playing in it!!!!

I do have a new found respect for them now!!!!

Ok after these 3 matches (at about 5pm) we had to leave the main stadium as the Night Session started so we just basically just hung out in the sunshine drinking beer!!!

There was also a band playing which was nice/good/wierd but it was all fun anyway.

I actually went and caught the end of a game on court 10 (while the girls caught some rays) which was really close in the 5th set. It was a really good atmosphere down there but one of the guys was a Croat/Serb I think and he had some mental supporters there (they were more like football supporters than tennis ones and even jumped the fence when he won!!). They were proper rowdy and were chanting in a group of about 30 of them while walking back past all of the other courts.

[I noticed today actually (24th Jan) that it all kicked off there yesterday. It looked like those supporters as well!!! Ummmmmmm!!!!!].

We stayed and wacthed a bit of the Federer match on the big screen and then made our way back to the hostel.

A wicked wicked day!!!


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