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Em hard at work!!

It's freeeeeeezing today! between 15 - 21 degrees and very sunny windy rainy sleety the lot! the weather is so strange here, it was 31 the other day then it just changes like that! We literally hung out in the hostel all day today. Watched Team America (f*ck yeah) and Anchor Man.....tee hee :) and ate McDonalds because we were feeling sorry for ourselves! Nothing else to report! Oh apart from our tenant has left the flat and Foxtons decided not to tell us! OR to re-market it! F@C*NG TW*TS!!!! So we spent most the evening writing a very long e-mail telling them what incompetent idiots they are! ....So if anyone is interested in renting a lovely light bright and airy one bed flat in Bethnal Green for 3-6 months....please let us know!!!! :)

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