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Longtail transfer 1....

Longtail transfer 2....

Longtail engine and plume

Mountain resort, Ko Lipe

View from the bungalow.....

Fishing village, Ko Lipe

Drummer boys, Ko Lipe



Mountain resort beach - from bugalow

Rat for dinner

Fishing Village girl

Long Tail

Sunrise Beach, Ko Lipe

Sunrise Beach, Ko Lipe

Long Tail at Sunrise

Ko Lipe, a small island in the Andaman Sea. When I first saw the island I was a bit worried that it had become another Ko Samui or arrive at Pattaya beach which is pretty crowded with people (sun burned), resorts and longtail boats. Better yet, on approaching Mountain resort on the longtail boat, the first person I saw was a topless sun bather (woman). But the next day a walk around the island showed that this is still a pretty island, not yet spoiled. There are plenty of resorts, but also lots of beach space that is both beautiful and unoccupied. So escaping from other people is quite easy. The bungalow at Mountain resort has a spectacular view, high up over the sea overlooking a beautiful sand spit - photos attached..... Booked here for 5 nights, time to really relax.... In the end stayed on Ko Lipe until the 19th - very relaxing place, variety of things to do, and nice not to be packing and unpacking the ruck sac. Got some great sunrise shots on Sunrise beach (funnily enough), went snorkelling (nice coral, a few small fish), had some great local Thai food in the village - Somtam, noodle soup, roti chanai (not Thai, but cooked in a different way to the Indian variety, sweet). Would advise against eating at Mountain resort - the food is Westernised Thai - carrots and peas in every dish.... The restaurant is great for a beer and the view (and the free breakfast), but if you like your food Thai then go to the strip of restaurants on the road off Pattaya beach - there are a couple of sea food restaurants - where you choose your meal from the ice bed in front - that are excellent.

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