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Ko Bulon Leh - Pansand beach

View from the bungalow....

Sunset, Pansand resort

Bungalow, Pansand resort

If you are looking for a quiet, natural island away from the noise and revellery of the likes of Phuket or the more crowded Thailand resorts, then Ko Bulon Leh is the place. This small island remains unspoilt by the developers. The small number of resorts are all bungalow type, no TVs, AC or hot water, electricity is rationed to certain times of the day. This may sound a little basic, but the sheer beauty and tranquility of the island mean that this is all you need. Pansand resort is probably the pick of the resorts basically because it is on the best bit of beach on the island and has some of the larger and better constructed bungalows. Ask for number D-4, the last bungalow on the end of the beach - see the attached photos for the view from the night you are soothed to sleep by the sound of the waves on the shore, just 100 feet away.... All this for 2000 BAHT per night inc breakfast. Not back packer range, but you'll pay a lot more on Ko Lipe for a lot less (as I have now discovered). And the smaller bungalows slightly back from the beach are cheaper and still great. The staff are friendly and the restaurant excellent. There's a small village about 15 minutes walk from the resort where you can eat freshly made somtam, noodle soup and BBQd chicken (neck, skin...). Walk 15 minutes more through a rubber plantation and you reach a fishing village where you can buy freshly caught squid, fish and crab. The chef at the resort will cook this for you in the evening. It does not get much better than this....

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