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The River

A big tree

Me doing a "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" type...

The air walk

Austen works it!

So does Em!!!

A floor with a view!!!

Big tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

The Cantilever 48m above the river level

The Huon River

At the end of the cantilever, It was a bit wobbly!!

A nice man offered to take our photo!!

Ozz walking the walk

There was nothing supporting this bit!

Can't argue with that!!

This is the biggest tree in Australia!

You can't really gauge how big it is but trust us....It's BIG!...

Told you!

After much deliberation we come to athe conclusion - the 'Big Tree'...


After a few tasters we went for a nice bottle of '96...

An Alpacca


We were bored....but not that bored!

Our pasta dinner with a nice glass of vino!

No idea! we didn't really think about the pub quiz questions before...

Aaaaaaaaand that's why there are a lot of blank spaces on our...

Aaaaaaand that's why we had a lot of spare time to doodle!!!...




Me!! Uncanny eh!?!?!

Yeah we got one right!!!!!

And The 'Hairy Mary's" finished a glorious 15th (out of 18!)

We skulked away from the pub before closing time!!!

Today we drove back past Geeveston to get to the Tahune Forest where there is an 'Airwalk' (just like in "I'm a celebrity get me ooootta here") and an "Eagle Paraglider"!!

It took us about 2 hours to get to the forest which was a splendid example of forestry!!!

After a short walk over the river and through the woods we got to the Airwalk.

It was pretty amazing walking around the forest 40 metres up in the air but what was even more amazing was that the trees still towered above us!

It was a really nice experience walking around the tree tops and after a spot of lunch we headed back via 'The Big Tree' which is the biggest tree in Australia. WOW!!! I hear you cry!!! The pictures don't really show you how big it was but rest assured it was a huge mutha!!!

On the way back to Hobart we stopped off at a Vine Yard for a bit of wine tasting (I say we, Em was driving so she got to watch ME taste some wine!!!)

It was all very nice and we went for a nice bottle of '96 Rose. It was a good year!!!

We made it back to the hostel in the evening, had some pasta and Rose, and then went to a pub quiz at a pub just down the road.

The pub was rammo and basically the quiz started just as we got there - so we wasn't too sure how it all worked (The answer sheet had all different bonus/jackpot questions and stuff!!).

Mid-way through one of the rounds the quiz master started doing a "who am I" type question that wasn't on the sheet. I got it (it was Che Guevara) after 2 clues but didn't know what to do, then some dude shouts out after the 4th clue and won a jug of beer!!!!

It was really fun doing a pub quiz again but we were never going to win (especially as most of the questions were either on Australia or current affairs - neither of which we are particulary up with at the mo!!)

As I say a fun night though after a very nice day.


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