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Sunday – went to Brackettville to see the movie set and village that John Wayne had built for “The Alamo” at a cost of $12 million back in the 1950’s. It has been used for over 100 movies/TV shows/documentaries/commercials/music videos since then. More than a 1.25 million adobe bricks were made and used, 12 miles of water pipe, 30000 sf of imported Spanish roof tile and a million sf of concrete flooring. Alamo Village is a complete town consisting of 3 streets with jail, saloon, stores, stables, church, bank, hotel and blacksmith shop as well as other buildings. They also house the John Wayne and Old West Museum in one of the adobe buildings. Production companies use it as a fort, hacienda, frontier town or deserted Mexican village. We went into the saloon for a “sarsaparilla” and the local marshal wanted to arrest Bob for being in public in his skivvy’s (he had shorts on as usual). We met a couple gals in there from London who were touring the southern US for 5 months. They said they made a few wrong way turns on their trip as they were having trouble getting the hang of the steering wheel on the other side! We had a small armadillo run across the street in front of us (see pic) - he was sure cute.

A lot of the roofs are gone in the fort, and when you go inside behind the façade of the church at the Alamo, it is just an open walled in area with rooms on the sides. That way they could set fires off that made it look like the inside of the church was burning during the fighting. Very interesting place. It was set about 4-5 miles down a gravel road (wonder what the London ladies thought of that!).

Then we went to the museum at Fort Clark Springs, which is a private rehabbed fort where people live in remodeled barracks, officers quarters, etc. and they have an RV park and golf course, swimming pool, etc. The buildings were all made of the old light-colored stone.

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