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The New Years party started at 11:30 PM on New Years Eve. ALL the family and there friends were in attendance. It seemed like the Christmas party had never ended and this was a continuation of that party. I had several glasses of excellent Brasilian red wine and two classes of bubbly at midnight. The feast stated at about two and we headed home at 5:30. I never woke up on New Years day until 2:30 in the afternoon.

1/04 Today is Mama's 94th Birthday and of course it's party time. The food was too plentiful but oh so delicious. The roasted turkey-- beef Marshals and the lasagna were better than ever.and then the desserts. Moma was very attentive, ate heartily and enjoy the people. One of the daughters put her gifts on another daughter's bed. When they took Mama to see her gifts-her eyes glowed with pride. She then ask is all those gifts were hers. Upon receiving a yes answer she said "Take all of those gifts and put them on MY BED". Mama is one sharp senior. It pleases me that the entire family is always at these events-- no one opts out for any reason. The event is the first priority.

1/5-- 1/10 It has finally happened. All the parties have caught up with my stomach. It has rebelled and I am very ill. I did not get out of bed for two days. I have decided again that I would stop abusing my body and eat less --I've succeeded for three days now---one step at a time The banana tree is getting its 8th leaf. It's growing very fast-- mostly because we have had several good rains.

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