Experiencing winter bird migration, 2008 travel blog

Birds and dairy cattle on a range-free farm

Sandhill cranes on a farm

An adobe farmstead

It takes many acres to support cattle

The colors of rain in the desert

The other end of the rainbow

Pretty picnic shelter

Rain clouds start to thicken

Mum is really ill today so it's a good idea I had planned on cutting the trip short.

I stayed on a back road which parallels the freeway but is a whole lot more scenic. We saw lots of birds, and more sandhill cranes. The road took us through fields of chili, cotton, corn, onions, pecans orchards and dairy farms.

As we got closer to Deming the wind started picking up and was so strong that it almost ripped the door from my grasp when I stepped outside to top up on gas. Sand was blowing everywhere. Back on the freeway I had to concentrate on fighting the strong wind to keep the rig on the road. It drizzled a couple of times and didn’t pour as the gray sky threathened. Numerous rainbows added color to the drab skies.

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