Tales of Blue Aweigh travel blog

My buddy, Bobby

Mike, Les, David and Suzanne

Cyndi and Deb aka Party Girls

Happy Birthday David!

Baby Bro' Joe

Money Poncho's will never be the same...

Christmas morning strata at the Culbertson's house

Marjean, Mike's mom

Vanessa & Austin (niece and nephew)

Last goodbye to our kids

Our kids on Christmas

Cyndi and Linda, Mike's sisters

New Year's Eve at the Empress back in B.C.

Bye, Bye beautiful B.C.

We enjoyed some good quality time with family and friends back in California and thank them all for such good times and hospitality. We feel hopeful that the new year will be brighter for our country. I hope the upcoming year will be good for you and your family as well.

After the drive from southern California (20 hrs) we took the ferry back to Victoria, B.C. and spent a few days waiting for weather to return to Washington. It was good to be there a few more days and enjoy our favorite restaurants a few more times before saying farewell to Victoria. There are just so many great places to see and so little time here we don't know when we will be back to this great city. As a sidenote, Mike won't travel on ferrys alone again (he went to P.A. to pay more parking for our car we left there)as it is the only time he has been sequestered by customs(Canadian), ever!

We made an uneventful crossing to Port Angeles to check into U.S. customs in Port Angeles last Saturday then on to Port Townsend to stage ourselves to head south into the Pugent Sound. Yeah, we have a few favorite restaurants here too. In any event,we look with much anticipation to moving southward into new territory and sharing with all of you what we find there. In the meantime, you have probably heard about all the rain and flooding in western Washington. We have experienced 50kt winds abeam and many rainy days. Good thing we live on an ark or sorts! There is a gale warning today but looks like winds and waves will be favorable tomorrow and off we intend to go to Poulsbo for a short stop over. Take care.

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