Experiencing winter bird migration, 2008 travel blog

Part of the park

The mighty Rio Grande after dams take their toll

Sandhill cranes

more cranes

....and more cranes

cranes just everywhere!!!

December 15 - 18

I love this park in a riparian grove, with a lake and on the Rio Grande. There are several varieties of flycatchers, doves and song birds, residents of this park. We saw fresh deer tracks but didn't see any deer. We watched sandhill cranes and flocks of Canada geese and snow geese flying right over the park. There are so many sandhill cranes that winter in the area (this year's count is over 17,000), that it takes them over an hour and a half to do their fly-out at dawn and fly-in at dusk. We could hear geese during the night at their roost close to us.

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