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My sick bed view

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Scaled quail, a southwestern species

Sharing a drink

Dec 12 - Dec 14

I spent the days resting, feeling miserable but worked on getting better. Our campsite was next to the botanical garden and we were kept entertained by the rabbits, a rat and a variety of birds. I put out my birdbath which turned out to be a popular stop for the birds. A covey of 24 quail stayed around our site everyday, though over 100 quail (we counted them!) passed through our site everyday, stopping for a drink then continuing on their way.

Strong winds, gusting to over 40mph, started on our 2nd day and didn't abate during the rest of our 5 days stay. Although the winds were bad, our the site was somewhat protected. A sandstorm developed to the west but the mountains protected us from the worst of it.

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