Experiencing winter bird migration, 2008 travel blog

Dunes as seen from the highway

Wind ripples on the sand

The stark, unmarked sands

Off-road vehicle tracks on the dunes

The vehicle in the center shows how huge the dunes are

The Chocolate Mountains

At Brawley we took a detour through Glamis, a former railroad stop along the eastern edge of the Algodones Dunes. It has virtually no permanent structures aside from the "Glamis Store" and "Boardmanville Trading Post". Both of which offer supplies, especially fuel, for some of the hundreds of thousands of recreational visitors each year.

The scenic Algodones Dunes have been, and are still used as the location for many movies and TV shows. Some scenes of Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia and X-files have been shot here.

From Glamis we drove through the Chocolate Mountains and on into Arizona.

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