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Kenai Fjords

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Sea kayaking

Early in the morning, we headed to the Seward harbor for some sea kayaking in Aialik Bay. Our boat chugged on, and to my relief, the sea was calm for a while. The snow capped mountains rising out of the ocean, and their reflection in the sea was a sight to savor. The place was teeming with wildlife - puffins, ducks, gulls, otters, humpbacks, jelly fish, seals. Soon, the sea got rough, and nausea hit me. We reached the Aialik glacier by noon, and unlike the Exit glacier, it met the sea directly. As it moved forward, huge chunks of ice broke off it to crash into the sea, setting off big ripples and thundering booms. The sheer size of the glacier and the sounds made me feel very insignificant, and at the mercy of nature.

The outfitter had some kayaks on a tiny island in the bay. After a quick lesson, we pulled out the kayaks into the water and headed towards the glacier. We stopped at the moraine close to the glacier and dragged the kayaks deep inland to keep them away from the high tide later in the day. We climbed on to the moraine, and had our lunch there. After spending a couple of hours in disbelief and deep appreciation, we kayaked towards the glacier, to get a full frontal view - it was absolutely majestic. We got the true sense of the proportion, when a three storied ship went close to the glacier and looked extremely tiny in comparison. Then we paddled back the island, where our ferry waited. We picked up some people who had camped on an island near the Portage glacier for a week. Apparently, one has to get a permit a year in advance to do this. I was too tired from the choppy waters/sea kayaking and just crashed the rest of the way.

Fellow kayakers recommended us Yolly's Bistro for dinner, where we splurged. The Calamari was worth the hype. After that we had ice cream in a local shop, which had a sign that read "Alaska has the highest per capita consumption of ice cream." Interesting .. huh ?

We headed back to the camp, concluding our time in Kenai. In two days, we had seen as many unique landscapes, or should I say waterscapes. This place reminded us that nature never stops surprising you.

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