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Matt tries to make a friend on the train.

Em luzzed my roll at me, missed by a mile, but luckily...

That's the look of someone that just got away with it!!!!

Ello guvnah, it's our bleedin bus init!!

Larry Grayson showed us the best way to get off........

And so the days walking begins.....

Our first waterfall of the day...

Us in front of the waterfall

Our first view of the '3 Sisters'. Big girls eh!?!?

A very pretty valley.

The intrepid explorers!!!

The worst attempt at Y.M.C.A.............EVER!!!!

A big rock in front of a valley........come on man, you come...

The 'Skyway' cable car. The fact it cost $10 and had a...

Nat high fives a statue of a necked chick at the top...

Em goes for a congratulatory boob hand shake!!!

A blurred photo of us integrating with the scenery.

A close up of the '3 Sisters'

Em looking rather pleased with herself. No idea why. I think she...

A waterfall through the trees.

The moon rises in front of the valley, at about 2pm, wearing...

Christ we've just taken out the WHOLE valley!!!

Another rock. It rocks.

A view of the guys in a 'lucky' sister with the mental...

The guys in the groin of one of the sisters!

Another action shot with a text book double thumbs up from Nat.

I've just rubbed a balloon on my heeeeeeed.

A puddle in the shape of a heart. It IS in the...


Matt, James, Nat, and Jo Jo skooching on a rock.

Me and Matt getting our feet wet.

Me and Em with some pretty amazing stuff behind us

Em, James, and Nat teetering on the edge............


Matt left on the edge.....with his one remaining Flop Flip.......heh heh heh...

That kinda tells it's own story doesn't it!?!?!

The train journey home. Nat attempts the Y.M.C.A again but stumbles at...

Today we had arranged a trip to the Blue Mountains that are situated about 2 hours out of Sydney.

There are pre-arranged trips but we all (all being Nat, James, Jo Jo, Matt, and us) decided to get a train/bus ticket ourselves which allowed us to hop on and hop off the bus at the other end - and was a lot cheaper!!!

We had arranged to meet at 8.00am at Central Station to get the 8.25am train. So we walked down to the station with Matt when the others called to say they were running a bit late and asked us to grab their problem........however, somehow they managed to get there before us and the train that was supposed to leave at 8.25am was actually leaving at 8.18am so as we were in the queue getting our tickets Nat and the gang were already on the train and she called to tell us to run as they were holding the train for us!

We just made it, literally just made it after running top speed through Central Station!

After we recovered from all that early morning exercise we played a few games and had a bit of early lunch on the train! We arrived 2 hours later in the Blue Mountains. The weather had turned out to be beautiful and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

First things first, coffee and ciggy time! Then we made our way to the bus stop to pick up the bus.

Basically it was an old red London bus which was exciting! (for us!)(ok, for me!) then our very informative guide/driver (Jimmy) talked us through some of the walks and where to pick the bus up from etc etc.

We decided to get off and start with a small walk past some waterfalls and a few spectacular view points of the valley and 'The 3 Sisters' (3 massive rocks!)

After this we reached the next pick up point which was also at the cable car. We were going to go on this but as it was 10 bucks each we decided to have some lunch and get the bus to another point then do a bit more hiking.

The next walk lasted about 4 hours! the views were beathtaking though however it was extremly knackering!

We ended up at the most amazing view of the mountains/valleys and we all decided to stop there for a bit of late lunch and to take in the views.

Matt decided to go right up to the edge......which ended up as a bit of an error as the wind picked up and blew his flip flop off! :) so Ozz chucked his other one off over the cliff to make it even!

Then we had a small walk to the bus stop to get the last bus back to the station.

The train journey on the way back took a bit longer but as we were sitting down no one really cared (apart from the smokers!)

As it was New Years Eve tomorrow we all had to get food for the day/evening as we were planning on spending the day at Cremorne point to watch the fireworks, but after 8k's worth of walking it is the last thing we wanted to do!

We did manage it though (just!) and spent more than we should have on booze and food but we'll be there for at least 13 hours so hey!

Anyway, so we didn't end up getting back to the hostel until around 9pm ish and we were shattered!

A fantastic day........we are going to sleep well tonight!


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