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The Cromwell Dam.

As usual, stunning scenary.

The apple orchards all growing alongside the road. Imagine this at home?

Plum trees growing alongside the apple orchards.

Walking along the beach at Harringtons Point, guess what I disturbed.

The Bull Seal allowed me within 25 feet of him. What an...

Walking back across sand-dune, nearly stood on 8 ft Sea Lion. Bloody...

Left Te Anau to retrieve lost, borrowed, walking stick back at Queenstown, ( oops, Donal.)

Because of this detour, decided to forego travelling south to Dunedin, and instead travel east over the mountains. This also gave me the oportunity to go through the Kawarau Gorge again. Travelled via Cromwell and Alexandra. Headed straight out to the Otago Peninsula, past Dunedin, and overnighted at motel on Harrington Point.

Went for late evening walk along the beach.(see photo's.)

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