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fwa fwa faa...I say old chap could you pass the Phesant pate...

Bye Bye Flo :(

Today Flo was leaving for Melbourne so everyone (Flo, Zoe, Fran, Nat and us) arranged to meet up for a gathering/picnic to say our goodbyes at Circular Quay.

After a few shared sips of left over wine (from the previous night! mmmmmm!!) and some nibbely nibbleys we all said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways, we were all very sad to see Flo go :( but had a great few days with her :)

After this we went for a wander back through town and had a look around the shops. Then we pretty much just hung out at the hostel for the rest of the evening as it rained A LOT!


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